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Reasons Why Direct Marketing Is Important

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The days of receiving a bundle of mail at your doorstep have certainly gone to the wayside. Personally I love getting mail, especially letters. I always have a sense of excitement when I approach the mailbox, mainly because I used to receive so many letters from friends and family. Those letters have now been turned into the impersonal emails or Facebook messages. There’s just something great about getting mail as long as it’s not junk mail. Getting a piece of mail addressed to me makes me feel important. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why direct mail marketing is so important and when you consider putting your dollars towards advertising, direct marketing campaigns are a strong choice.


Sending marketing materials through direct mail is certainly more expensive than sending an email but let’s be honest, aren’t we all just sick of getting so many emails? One thing you can be confident about is that direct marketing can give you a return on your investment.


When designed properly direct mail marketing has been known to perform exceptionally well. It has been known to bring in more customers than any other form of advertising. Direct marketing is effective for a few reasons:


  1. Emails can get lost in the shuffle of hundreds or unknowingly put in the spam folder, especially if it comes from an unknown sender. A great piece of direct mail however will stand out in a sea of mail, grabbing a customers attention immediately.


  1. There is a lot to be said for a piece of mail that you can hold and touch. Appealing to someone’s senses with a tactile piece of mail can offer so much more than an email ever can. Having something physical in your hands makes a customer take notice and that’s something that an email can never do. Having something to look at and touch can increase the chance of getting a sale from that person.



  1. Direct mail targets specific customers and that’s part of why it’s so effective. It’s hard to target specific customers through emails and reaching an audience is most effective through direct mail. Email lists can make it difficult to leave a personal message to a customer, but with a direct mail piece you can target different customers.


  1. As effective as direct mail can be, it should not be the only piece of your advertising strategy. You can still use emails for announcements or expiration’s on offers, it’s also a great way to get traffic to your website. A powerful tool in business is to have several channels working together, it’s not about replacing one form of advertising for another.



  1. The bottom line is direct mail works, it’s a fact. Although email plays a vital role in marketing communications, it can’t be denied that direct mail is still the most dominant purchase driver for many customers. Between 70-90% of purchasers do so because they received a direct mail piece.


Buyers purchasing decisions are influenced in large part due to direct marketing. People are generally more likely to open a piece of mail that is addressed to them, that personal touch keeps your direct mail piece from being just another piece of junk mail. When it comes to personalized mail, responses remain high consistently. Studies show that when it comes to purchasing products customers prefer marketing by print rather than an email.





07 Aug, 15

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