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Tips For Successful Direct Mail Marketing

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Despite online marketing being so popular, Direct Mail still yields the lowest cost-per-lead and highest conversion rate. Using this timeless form of marketing to grow your business simply makes sense, and consistently proves that digital marketing isn’t the only way to go. For the best success when using Direct Mail, consider the following:

Find the Purpose

Understanding your ultimate goal for using Direct Mail before getting started is important for several reasons. Of course you’re trying to get more customers, but digging deeper to another motive will help you design the best direct mail piece as well as target your market better. Ask yourself if you’re trying to: Build your brand, Generate leads, Update current customers or announce a sale. By knowing what you want and don’t want, you will waste less time during the designing stage.

Dynamic Design

Having a creative ad means your direct mail piece is less likely to get tossed in the trash. Designing the ad is when it’s time to let your creative juices flow to create something so vibrant that people can’t help but read your advertisement. Sure, easier said than done, but it’s important to think that way to stay motivated. Most importantly, make your ad easy to read and include a punchy opening sentence. You have less than 10 seconds to grab a person’s attention so it must be gripping.

The List

Knowing who to send your direct mail piece to is crucial. Obtaining a list of customers is critical. A simple internet search will give you a number of list brokers who will eagerly supply you with a marketing list of addresses for a reasonable fee. However, keep in mind that you should still be in charge of the list and be sure to ask pertinent questions to narrow down the best possible list of recipients. Your ad may be killer but if it gets in the wrong hands than it’s worthless.

Grab Their Attention

Even if the design is gorgeous and intriguing, if the wording isn’t captivating, your ad will still land in the trash. There are heaps of junk mail that land in mail boxes daily. Think about what makes you open one piece of mail over another and try and emulate that. One idea that has worked numerous times in the past is to hand write the address. It becomes more personal and is more likely to get read.

Be Tricky

Whether you hand write the address or make them think in some other ways that this is a personal and exclusive mail piece, getting creative is a surefire way to grab their attention. I once received what I thought was a Holiday Greeting from a friend, but when I opened the beautifully addressed letter it was from a sale announcement from a local car dealership! I was certainly surprised, but I must say, I ended up reading the whole advertisement.

Be Patient

Although Direct Mail is one of the best forms of marketing to gain new business, it will still take time. People may come in right away or they may hold on to the direct mail piece, find it a month later and think, “Oh yea! I was going to go there,” and then come into your store. By researching the best time to do your marketing (for example, advertising your swimming pool company in December might not be the best idea) and spacing out the various times that you do the direct mailings, your rate of success will be higher.

Implementing these tips and techniques to your marketing endeavors will bring success and help grow your business substantially.

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