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Spring Has Sprung: Has Your Office Sprung a Leak?

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It’s largely in our minds, but every year all over the world people look at the coming of Spring as an ideal time to clean house. They dust, they toss out unwanted items, they move the furniture and get to all the annoying repairs and other maintenance they’ve been ignoring through the long, dark winter months. Sure, you could do this work any time of the year, but there’s something about Spring that makes us think about starting fresh and getting organised.


It’s something most businesses could learn a lesson from, actually. Not necessarily the sweeping and dusting, but the concept of getting your house in order. Ask yourself a few questions: When was the last time you reviewed your backup and filing policies? Your document retention policies? Your mailing lists?


Chances are, the answer is a long time ago. In that case, Spring is the ideal time to dig into these issues and make sure they’re not poised to ruin your day.


Benefits of the Backup


There is one rule of backups: They will fail you just when you need them most. No matter how well you set them up in the beginning, after a few months (or years) of inattention there will be folders and files and possibly even entire servers or hard drives not covered by the backup. You’ll have failing hard drives or aging magnetic tapes that look fine, but aren’t.


Save yourself from catastrophic data failure by taking the time – right now – to review your backup. Make sure it covers everything it should, and that your hardware is still operating at peak efficiency.




Filing is probably the number-one deferred task in any small office. No one like filing. Whether you’ve managed to go digital and filing really means scanning, or if you’re still dealing with the usual file folders and cabinets, it can be a boring task – and if you’ve let it pile up for a few months, a task involving more than one weekend and late evening.


Stop putting it off. The more your files sit in piles, the more likely pages will slip out, and any sense of organisation fades until you’ll have to spend even more time trying to puzzle out their relevance and proper place.


Mailing Lists


Finally, when did you purchase your mailing lists? Or when was the last time you reviewed your internal mailing lists for accuracy? It might be time to hire someone – like us! – to perform address correction services (using Canada Post-approved software), a merge purge, or a phone/address append to ensure that your mailing is still accurate and up-to-date. Why waste money mailing out to people who have moved far away, or mailing to incorrectly listed addresses that wind up in landfills? We can make sure your mailing list is lean, mean, and revenue-generating.


Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to shake off the malaise of Winter, shake the dust off your files, and stop wasting time and money on disorganised, aging mailing lists.

06 Apr, 15

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