Pre-Movers List

Become a Psychic!

Companies spend lots and lots of money trying to understand the minds of their customers. How do they think, what do they like, what is their favorite color.


What if we could give you a list of customers who you’ll already know what they are going to do?


They are going to move.

One of a Kind List

You’re not going to find this list anywhere in Canada. By using numerous sources, we collecting the residential properties currently listed for sale in Canada, we track the when they were listed, and when they were sold. 


Perfect for Financial, Telecommunications, Moving Supplies, and Storage companies, using this list for retention, companies know when their customers are going to make a big step. Then they take the necessary actions to ensure that they stay customers.


You Need Us

Experts at what we do, LeadMonkey gives clients the ability to refine this list even further, sorting by:


Recency (Bi-Weekly Updates)

Distance to Your Location

Province, Postal Code, or FSA

Customer Loyalty

In this day and age when customers have more choices than before who to do business with, companies rarely get an opportunity to shore up customer loyalty until it’s put to the test. 


The Pre-Mover list is chance for companies to build unbreakable brand loyalty before they even need it.