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Marketing Anyone Can Rock

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When you come home at night after a busy day, do you say to yourself ‘I rocked my marketing today!’? Or do you sit and brood over another day where you felt like you barely had time to think, much less build up your market share and your profile in the community?

Running a business takes a lot out of us, especially when it’s just getting off the ground. Every day is a challenge in and of itself, and every business owner begins making choices about where to put their energy and time every day – and too often marketing gets pushed further and further down the To-Do List until it becomes an eternal ‘tomorrow’ project, destined for some mythical day when you’ve got more time.

Here are a few ideas for marketing that anyone can totally rock, no matter how much time or energy you have to devote to it.

Business Cards

They’re old school, but the humble business card survives because it remains a powerful tool. It’s also the first piece of marketing a potential customer will encounter, usually. Put some money and thought into them – make them striking and high-quality. Then, be liberal with them – hand them out to everyone.

It’s also a good idea to let customers or people just passing through your shop or booth at a convention to submit their own business card for a drawing of some sort. It will help you build a mailing list and give everyone a positive memory of their interaction with you.

Get Out There

There’s a big world out there – take advantage of the vectors you have:

  • Have a vehicle? Car decals or signage transforms your car or truck into a rolling billboard for your business.
  • Blog posts are great – but don’t forget the local paper magazines and newspapers that could print an article you write addressing concerns tied to your business.
  • Does your local business community or a larger industry organisation have a conference, convention, or other gathering? See about being a speaker or participating in a panel – it puts you in front of dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential clients.

Be Proactive

Don’t be passive with your marketing. Everyone’s had the experience of paying good money for a sign or an advertisement and seeing almost no response to it. People aren’t going to come looking for you unless they happen to see your ad when they’re looking for what you’re selling.

A better strategy is to put yourself in front of people. Set up an email newsletter and put yourself in front of them every week. Set up social media accounts and reach out, start and join conversations. This takes time, yes, but since you’ll be discussing things that affect your community and your business, it will start to come naturally.

That’s how you rock your marketing – you make sure the old-school basics are covered, you put yourself out there, and you get proactive. Now get out there and make it happen!

11 Mar, 15

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