Mapping Services

See Your Data! Be Your Data!

Put away your spreadsheets and charts full of your customer, employee, sales, facility, and territory data.

Turn off PowerPoint.

Power down your projector.


It’s time to see your customers differently.


LeadMonkey has the tools, maps, and demographic data to provide the analysis that will transform how you think of your customers. We crunch the numbers, unearth the hidden geographic patterns in your data, and plot the points on a map to show you how geography affects you and your business.

Where Your Customers Are

(No creepy spying involved)

Where Sales are Highest

(Sales are good, right?)

Finding Hidden Opportunities

(Good ones. Not death traps.)

Geographic Patterns & Trends

(We use pretty fonts.)

Questions Impacting Your Operations

(“Do you deliver, dude?”)

Drive Time For Your Customers

(Using a car. Not a moped.)

How Far Away Are Your Customers?

In a perfect world, you build a company, customers come from all over, and everyone is happy.


However, in reality, customers can be very finicky about the distance they drive to solicit a business. LeadMonkey helps you analyze your data to find how far your customers are traveling to get to your business. This allows you to market better, drive acquisition in new areas, and discover trends.


Don’t you want to know where your customers are?

Sales “Hot Zones”

Ever lay awake at night wondering which postal codes you do more business in than others? We do too!


LeadMonkey plots your sales data on a map, showing you total sales, average sales, and number of customers by Postal/FSA code. This information creates a sales “heat map” to allow you to utilize your ad dollars better, target rich environments, and develop strategies to increase market share in lean areas.


Then you can rest better at night.