Mailing Lists: How To Use Them Effectively

Mailing lists can be tricky things to get right. Building your own mailing list is vital for every business leader, because it is essential to understand who is buying from you, what they are buying, and how often they are buying it. Owning a database of names and addresses of existing customers is definitely an asset to the business, but there are also other ways to ensure you have a constantly refreshed stream of new contacts. Collect the right information about your existing customers and that information can help you to track down lists of new customers for the future with the help of a quality mailing list provider.

Don't Waste Your Marketing Mailing List

Most companies, no matter what size they are or how they operate, will possess some type of customer database or marketing mailing list. However, they fail to maximise the benefits of it, because they view that list as being useful for only one thing. They may mail out news and promotional material to customers on a regular basis but beyond that, they do nothing more with those contacts. This is a waste of business resources, because the true potential of a list is far greater than that. A large amount of valuable customer data is automatically contained within any list; and this data is where the real possibilities lie. Knowledge is power, as they say and the information you hold on your customers should be considered as a business asset in the same way that your employees, company equipment and stock are valuable assets. With a little bit of help from a professional direct mail marketing lists company, you can maximise the benefits of your existing data by mapping and supplementing it with additional demographic details. Suppose you are introducing a new product for sale that is related to home renovation, for example. Wouldn’t it be helpful to filter your list down to a targeted mailing list of homeowners, who are more likely to be warmer prospects for your mailshot than renters? A properly constructed list will allow you to filter a contact list by various criteria, in order to ultimately create a list of people who will be receptive to the idea of your products when you mail them.

Choosing A Mailing List Service To Grow Your Business

There are also ways to reach new audiences, beyond your existing customer base. For this, it is often a good idea to find a professional and reputable mailing list service to help you to grow your business by identifying potential new customers that are the exact target market for your business. But how do you identify the best company out there to supplement and grow the potential of your existing mailing lists? If you don’t want to alienate the people on your brand new mailing list right from the very outset, there are a few guarantees you should look for from any new provider you are considering. The first important aspect is the source of their data. You need a company that will be able to confirm the list they provide will be compiled from either a tried and tested source, or built by the provider itself after direct contact with each name on the list. The second key assurance you will need is that the list will stay fresh. Inevitably, people and companies move from location to location. Phone numbers may change. Email addresses and social media profiles may be added or updated. You need to know that your mailing list provider will be keeping on top of this, constantly verifying records to ensure they are correct. And finally, you will need a guarantee of the integrity of the data they are selling you, so you know that the contact details you are spending your company’s hard-earned cash on is 100% accurate and updated throughout.

Building A Targeted Mailing List

Creating targeted mailing lists is a simple process once you have identified the type of customer you are looking for. LeadMonkey Lists Inc. helps you build more effective mailing lists by mapping your existing data and finding you new, warm leads. To start learning more about how Leadmonkey Lists Inc. can help you improve the quality of your mailing list and translate that into better targeted marketing campaigns, visit our website at or email us at We’ll be delighted to help you improve the cost-effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by enabling you to reach out to new customers, just waiting to buy from you.