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How To Inspire More Creativity For Your Business!

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You business whatever it may be can benefit a great deal by being more creative. Whether it’s just you in your business or whether you have a full staff, finding news ways of encouraging creativity in the workplace will only help your business grow. Your marketing is a great area in which creativity could bring about great changes.

So how can you not only encourage employees to be more creative but yourself as well?


  1. Let your employees know that creativity is welcomed:

Sometimes your staff doesn’t know that they can offer up ideas. Let them know that you would love to hear their creative input. It’s a benefit to your business to get new fresh ideas, help your employees understand that innovative ideas can make a company successful.


  1. Have brainstorming meetings:

This is an activity that you can do on your own as well. But making time to sit around with employees and let new ideas emerge will not only allow for creativity but your employees will thank you for giving them a break from everyday tasks. It’s interesting to see how a team can feed off of each others ideas and come up with something incredible.


  1. Straight up ask for ideas:

Suggestion boxes are always a great way to get new ideas, especially if there are particular problems that need to be addressed.


  1. Train your staff to be innovative:

Creative problem-solving doesn’t come easy and although you may have some great ideas floating around without formal brainstorming techniques, it may be hard to get them out. There are many training sessions available that even you can benefit from, that will help you with mind-mapping, lateral thinking and brainstorming.


  1. Be supportive:

All ideas should be taken seriously and you should respond kindly to each one. No one wants to be made foolish for their idea and it would squelch any future creativity.


  1. Shadowing is great for creativity:

Whether it’s you or one of your staff, job shadowing can be a great way to spark new ideas. Look at how other businesses are doing things, what they are doing to be successful. How can certain areas in your business change with a splash of creativity?


  1. Challenge the way you work:

It’s important to keep looking anew at your business and the areas within it. The same goes for your staff. Always look at how you approach your work and see if it can be done differently. What can be achieved if you do your job differently. Alternative ways of working can be the key to bringing about new ideas.


  1. It’s okay to make mistakes:

Even good ideas sometimes don’t work out, so don’t be too hard on yourself or your staff if an idea doesn’t work out. That’s the great thing about brainstorming, there is always something else out there. Being creative is risky sometimes but the payoff is huge when it all works out.


  1. Reward the ideas that do work out:

A great motivator is to award employees whose ideas have panned out. It will give them incentive to continue to brainstorm and come up with even better ideas. An award system is the perfect way to do that.


  1. Put your creativity into action:

All those great ideas you have won’t amount to anything if they aren’t put into action. It’s important for you to put aside time to create as well as make the resources available to implement the new ideas that you have come up with. You want to be able to benefit from innovation, but the task is pointless if you do nothing with what you have.



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