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Direct Mail: Is Addressed Better Than Unaddressed Mail?

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Email marketing shouldn’t be the only marketing your business is conducting. Direct mail is a highly effective means of generating more business and getting more customers. So you know you have to send out some direct mail pieces, so the only question remains: Is addressed mail better than unaddressed mail?


Pros of addressing your mail:

When you address your mail, you have the opportunity of targeting that specific person. Not only that but the person feels like the mail is just for them. Without an address, it can often get lumped up with all the other junk mail customers receive. If it’s addressed to the person there is more of a chance your mail will be opened instead of just tossed in the trash.


Mail that is personalized receives much more attention that unaddressed mail. If there is a personal connection between you and your customer they will be able to justify spending their money with you and not someone else.


Cons of addressing your mail:

The con of sending addressed mail is that records can be incorrect or outdated and you could send mail to the wrong person. People will rarely tell a company that their address has changed so you could be sending addressed mail to the wrong person. If you send mail to the wrong person it’s just a wasted effort as a person won’t bother reading mail addressed to someone else.

Make sure that the mailing list that you are working on is as current as possible, so that you have the best chance of reaching the right person.


Pros of unaddressed mail:

You may wonder how it can be a benefit to send unaddressed mail but sometimes it makes sense. If you are checking out a new area, you have a chance of getting a higher response with unaddressed mail. Of course unaddressed mail can be opened by anyone so you have no risk of having it thrown in the garbage.

If you are trying to reach a large audience, unaddressed mail is the best way to reach people especially if you are selling services. People already need you, it’s just a matter of getting them acquainted with your business. You have less need for mailing lists as you can send out your direct mail pieces to large areas.

Cons of unaddressed mail:

Once again, sending unaddressed mail is a risky avenue as there is a chance that your direct mail can get lost amongst all the junk mail that arrives. If mail comes in unaddressed there is a chance that you will just toss it. If it is addressed to you, chances are that you may take a moment to look a the mail, open it and see the value inside.

Unaddressed mail is still best if you are looking to reach as many people as possible. But if you are looking for specific customers then you should always address it.


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