Data Verification

Address Verification

Undeliverable. Not-Valid Address.


We understand the frustration that marketers and businesses have when ensuring their data is correct, so we created a service that corrects and formats your address data to Canada Post standards. We cross the Is and dot the Ts!


LeadMonkey uses Canada Post-approved software (certified at the highest level available) that allows us to compare your contact addresses to Canada Post’s master database of all Canadian addresses. Right off the bat, our corrections improves your lists by 20%, 40%, and more!


But, wait, there’s more!


LeadMonkey gives you an Address Accuracy Certificate accepted at Canada Post locations nationwide that qualifies your eligibility for discount or incentive postage rates.


So, we save you a chunk of change by cutting down on re-mailing as well as trimming down your initial postal costs. Sweet!

Phone Number Verification

“Sorry, that number isn’t in service.”


Getting hold of people on the phone when you have the right number is hard enough. Having the wrong number or incomplete numbers and having to hunt them down is practically a nightmare!


Let LeadMonkey use our in-house super-secret database (that, of course, are updated monthly) of all Canadian consumers and businesses with a publicly listed number to improve your data. That’s more time for you to be on the phone talking to future customers and not hunting down the right phone number!


We call that Bi-Winning!


We know the ladies. We know the guys. We’ll help you pick which ones to target for your direct marketing campaigns.


You know your target customers. We can provide a list based on ethnicity to help you reach more


Young. Old. Those awkward teenage years. Make your contact list more effective by segmenting by demographics.


Sending a Pool Installation mailer to an apartment building is a waist of your money. Segment your database by dwelling type, value, and age.