Consumer Specialty Lists

We Have Your Customers!

(not as hostages)

Every successful business has a diverse customer base. However, there are certain elements that every customer shares (beyond being human…).

The truly successful businesses are the ones who know exactly what those elements are and how to speak to target the combination of those elements.

The Periodic Table Of Consumers


We have broken down lists of consumers into diverse combinations of elements for businesses to target:


Just bought a house. They need experts to get stuff done and look out for them.

Perfect for: Home Remodelers, Moving Companies.


Just moved. They need new places, services, and stuff. They need businesses they can trust.

Perfect for: Doctors, dentists, grocery stores, dry cleaners.


They are looking for businesses who know their customs and needs. Introduce yourself.

Perfect for: Specialty Grocery Stores, Financial Planners, Insurance Co, Churches

High Income

They have lots of money. They need specific services that you provide. We know where they live.

Perfect for: Security Firms, Landscapers, Real Estate, Travel Agencies

Like any chemical combination, all of these can be broken down further into pure elements by age, geography, gender, and more.

Clone Your Customers

We’re not suggesting that you should grow your customers in a vat… or are we?


However, if you have something that works, it would be in your best interest to try it again. (insert evil laugh)


We’ll help you analyze the elements of your most recent customers then target 200 similar customers to try and reproduce the same results. The potential for success goes way up when you are using the same elements that worked the first time.


Birds of a feather flock together.