Consumer Mailing Lists

Hot, Fresh Data Right From Our Ovens!

Three key ingredients to a successful cupcake business:

The Product

A cupcake recipe handed down for generations that is moist and decadent.

Delivery System

A food truck, store, or delivered to your door, people can get the cupcakes.


People who love and are ready to fork over cash to eat cupcakes!

A successful Direct Marketing Campaign isn’t a whole lot different.

The Cupcakes

Whatever your product is, LeadMonkey has the expertise, data, and know-how to help you get the right message out. You are the best at what you do and so are we. We know your customers, where they are, and how to reach them.


All 11 Million of them!


We get up nice and early to ensure everything is ready to bake up a fresh new batch of money-making leads. We put our lists through a stringent process of consistent standardization, updating, and verification to make sure they are piping hot and always fresh!

Mapping Services

We help businesses develop a deeper understanding of the consumers around their business. Through tools, maps, and demographic data, we can provide you the analysis that will transform how you think about your business.

Maybe you should be making muffins instead?

Delivery Systems

Consumers love a tangible postcard or mailer to find new services through. However wrong information and bad addresses can make that tangible message go undelivered.


We run all our files through Canada Post-approved software to ensure that our data’s the highest quality. LeadMonkey takes mad pride in delivering the best, most-accurate, and tastiest data.

Verification Services

If you already have a mailing list, let us use our Canada Post-approved software to compare your info to Canada Post’s master database of all Canadian addresses. Our corrections will increase success and reduce costs!


Just like you wouldn’t give a chocolate-banana chip cupcake to someone who loves blueberries, we make sure that the people you are marketing to are the people who want to eat your cupcakes. We fine-tune our lists to discover the right people to send your message to.

New Movers List

We provide you a list of everyone that has moved to where you are in the previous year. These are people actively looking for new businesses and services. People you want to talk to!

The Whole Package

Painless Pricing!

Laser-Targeted Lists!

Expert Advice!

Free Demographics!