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A Whole Lotta Crazy About Lists!

The Perfect Mailer

You have built the perfect B2B marketing campaign. You’ve got the right words, value proposition, font, and image. It’s downright gorgeous.


The only problem: you’re mailing list stinks.


You’ve got wrong addresses, old information, and, not to mention, you’re sending it to the wrong companies.


Man, that’s a lot of wasted time, money, and tears.

The Right List  

At LeadMonkey, we’re crazy about our lists.

1.2M Canadian Companies

Every month, using multiple resources, our lists keep getting bigger and bigger!

Fresh & Accurate

Once a month, we pour over the lists to make sure they are as fresh and accurate as they can be.


Every night, we sing to our lists to help them grow.
(But that’s a whole other story).

At the end of the day, we want our list to be the best that it can so it can help Businesses successfully engage other Businesses.

We stop the tears before they even start.

The Right Costs

Did you ever try talking to someone who had no interest in talking to you? Yeah, us too…


But, what it teaches us is that there are some people who aren’t interested in hearing the awesome thing you want to tell them. They aren’t the right audience.


We have the technology and capability to make a list that is the right audience for you to talk to. Oh, and as a special bonus, we’ll throw in the right addresses. That’s just the kind of nice people we are.

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The Right Company... Us!

LeadMonkey is the kind of crazy people that you want in your corner, helping you deliver the best marketing campaigns that knock peoples’ socks off. We are crazy about building our lists, crazy about keeping them fresh, and crazy about helping our customers.

We're Your Kinda Crazy!