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Are You Hurting Your Business With Postcard Marketing Mistakes?

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If you are looking for an inexpensive means of direct mail marketing then postcards are a great idea! Not only are they inexpensive but it is easy to make a creative and memorable postcard.

A postcard can be a memorable way of getting new customers attention, but it also can be a complete flop. There are many mistakes that can prevent you from being a success.


A postcard, if done right can do the following:

  • Great way to keep in touch with existing customers.
  • Generates sales leads.
  • Great way to promote coupons.
  • Drive traffic to website.
  • Introduce a new product.


Postcards are an excellent means of promoting your business because an effective postcard gets read 100% of the time.


The reason for this is postcards are easy to read, you don’t even have to take them out of an envelope.

There are a few mistakes to avoid when creating a postcard campaign, here are some pitfalls to avoid in your quest for success:


  1. Targeting the wrong audience:

You have to at least consider who your target market is, who is more likely to buy your product/service? If you are sending out postcards to people who would never be interested in your business then you are just wasting money.

Make sure you always work with a current mailing list. In-house lists are always the best because you already know the customers are ready to buy whatever you are selling.


  1. Sending out a single mailing:

When you do a marketing campaign, the idea isn’t to send out a single postcard and then move on to the next form of advertising. A postcard campaign is about repetition. Customers, especially new ones need to be reminded you exist at least three times before they decide to invest in you. Sending out repetitive postcards are more effective than sending out single mailings.


  1. Sending a postcard that lacks personality:

You want to connect with your customers on a personal level. People who become emotionally invested in something are more likely to purchase from that business. When you create your postcard, go beyond professionalism and generate a message that really sticks with people.


  1. You’re not a car salesman:

Or maybe you are…but the point here is that you don’t want to be pitching a sale on a postcard. That’s a sure fire way of turning customers off. A postcard is useful for getting a customer’s attention and leading them to you, no sales pitch needed.


  1. Providing too much information:

When you are designing postcards think simple and brief. If there is too much text on your postcard, then chances are it’s not going to get read. Use plain language and keep your message short and sweet. Focus on promoting one service or product on the postcard to avoid overwhelming your customers. Focus on what’s important and leave it at that.


There are many businesses that use postcard marketing as their main source of bringing in customers. If you focus on a well thought out postcard you could welcome generating more sales. Avoid these mistakes and you will be on your way to honing in on a powerful tool in marketing.

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